Friday, July 17, 2009

The UPS guy

I think everyone gets excited when the UPS guy pulls up. No matter how boring the contents of your delivery, it is really fun to get packages. I feel like a kid at Christmas as I tear into my boxes, even though I know it's just the ink I ordered for my printer or a camera battery.

My favorite delivery man showed up yesterday- the one with the big smile that's not afraid of our maniacally barking dog, the one that carefully puts my packages out of view on the front porch if we're not home, the one that beeps at us from his big brown truck if he sees us running in the neighborhood, and the one Dylan always offers a cold drink to during summer deliveries.

And he brought me one of my favorite things- a print order. Check out this beautiful gallery wrap canvas that Michelle ordered from her family shoot at the beach.

Canvas gallery wraps are one of my all time favorite ways to display a portrait. They are clean and simple and don't need to be framed. Just poof, hang on the wall!

I hung it in my dining room to take a good look and get a few shots of it. Why yes, you're right, it DOES look perfect over my aqua buffet piece. I kinda wanted to just keep it. Does it make me creepy if I display pictures of other people's children in my home?


  1. I saw this in Michelle's office yesterday and just loved it. It's beautiful.