Monday, July 6, 2009


Let's play a game called "Guess what woke Karin up Saturday at 6:15 a.m."

Can you see the answer?

If you guessed "wild kittens playing tag on the front porch that have now taken up residence in your plum tree" you are correct! We call them the TreeKittens.

No, I am not kidding. Dylan and I have long suspected that wild cats live under our next-door-neighbor's house, and on occasion have been concerned that they might have moved in under OURS. (So far I think we're safe.) But it turns out those wild cats had (at least) three little wild kittens, and it turns out that the rocking chairs and tables on our front porch provide hours of clumsy, noisy, jungle-gym-like entertainment, and it turns out that kittens wake up early.

And when those TreeKittens get tired around 7:30 a.m. (or get startled that actual humans come out of the house) where do they retreat for the rest of the day? Why, to the small plum tree conveniently located by our porch of course!

Don't act like I am making this up. What cats do you know that DON'T nest in trees all day like birds? Well, I guess I shouldn't exaggerate. They don't stay there ALL day. Right around dinnertime they pop out for another romp on the porch.

So far I haven't been able to sneak out with my camera while they are playing. I can only get them in the tree. But do I hear nominations for Cheesy Kitten Calendar Image of the Year?


  1. awww, but they're so cute! okay, so maybe they weren't cute at 6AM, but... awww....

  2. and why haven't you been putting out food and water for them?? i'm sure they get hungry and thirsty while playing. no worries, i'll take care of that next time i come. they are pre-cious!

  3. don't you worry Kati I'm actually feed them twice a day while Karin and Dylan sleep.

  4. No worries about them getting food and water, your tree kittens and their momma cat reside two houses down. I think they get lots of water and food there. Hope Riley doesn't get wind of them!

  5. they are ADORABLE! (and notice what gets the most comments on a blog – photos of kittens!)

  6. I REALLY like the first photo! So coy!