Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I know, I know

So really, I have been planning on blogging pictures of our lake party for nine days now. Maybe tomorrow I will really do it... before we go away this weekend and I have even more pics to upload.

In the meantime, I think I am going to take advantage of the sound of rain falling outside and call it a night EARLY. I mean without the Olympics, what is there to stay up for??

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The challenge is on

Ever since Dylan and I finished our first marathon in June, I have been dying to sign up for another race. This week I signed up for the Kiawah Island Half Marathon in December. (Dylan isn't running, but he will be cheering loudly!) I'm pretty excited. So excited that Dylan and I decided to make a fun winter beach weekend out of it and invite all our friends. I had also just decided to train for an October 8k with my friend MaryO (so many "Marys" in my life- I have to keep them straight somehow), so she decided she was up for the half, too. And it just got better and better. Not sure of the final count, but most of the group not only plans to go to the beach, they also signed up for the race! Some are runners, some are not, so it will be interesting. Enter Katherine.

Katherine was one of my college roommates, one of my bridesmaids, and is one of my best friends. Katherine likes to take naps, watch The Office on her iPod, and drink Yuengling. Katherine does not like being hot, being cold, or running long distances, and gets bored every four minutes. But when I told Katherine about my half-marathon plans, she quickly replied, "I'm in! Hey how long is a half marathon?" And that is why we love her. Because really, why would you need to know the distance before you sign up? She's also notorious for impulsive decisions and impulsively changing her mind. ("I'm moving to Switzerland! I'm moving to Denver!") She's already endured a little trash-talking from those who don't think she'll see the training through. She HAS, however, paid the registration fee- a good sign.

Training commenced this week. We had a little whining, but she made it through two runs and overall still seems very excited. I continually remind her about the t-shirt and medal she will receive when she finishes the race- it's great motivation. (Although I would like to think the best motivation is the quality time we will be spending together on our Saturday long runs.)

Anyway, overall I am so happy that most of my best friends are going to get to spend a weekend together at the beach AND we get to run!! Be on the lookout for a future post featuring each of our fabulous team members.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hilton Head

These faces make me HAPPY.

I got to spend the morning playing with three of my favorite people before heading over to my conference. I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't on vacation and I had to go to work this afternoon. But it was fun while it lasted. We made our usual chocolate chip pancakes and then went for a run. (I'm going to need to find some toddlers back home to push in a stroller while I run- that is a serious workout.) Then we headed outside to play for a little bit and get a few pictures.

Macey had fun hiding under the porch swing.

I mean really, can you ask for a more beautiful child?

Keely getting ready to give her little sister a killer hug (seriously, she squeezes pretty hard)

We got Keely to cooperate for pictures by promising her lunch at "chick-fuh-way"- YUMMMM. 

I don't have any nieces, but if I could I would pick them.

So now I'm sitting in my hotel room, pretty tired but not even CLOSE to going to sleep. Why? Because gymnastics JUST started at 11:15. Yes, I have to be downstairs and working by 7:45 tomorrow morning and yes, I will be going running before that. But I really can't bring myself to sleep through the women's all-around finals. If it wasn't for this I would have been asleep at 9:30 after dinner.

On a side note, what is the deal with Michael Phelps. I mean do you have to break a world record EVERY time you get in the water?

Wish me luck staying awake tomorrow- it's going to be a long day.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I know, I know, I am a pathetic excuse for a blogger. Updates once a week? What is that? Sorry, no real excuse, just been busy.

But you're catching me at a good moment- Dylan and I ate a whole pizza for dinner and have spent the night watching the Olympics. Still in the middle of women's gymnastics- love it!!

Anyway, Saturday we went to the wedding of our friends Brynley and Chris. It was at the Lace House on the grounds of the governor's mansion and it was beautiful. I just got a new lens so it took it with me to practice a little.

Chris and Brynley about to be introduced at the reception

Isn't this such a cool cake? Check out that topper- I am pretty sure it was handmade of fondant. 

The decorations were really neat

If you ever need a bridesmaid, please consider asking Katherine. She is quite experienced and does a fantastic job. Hahahaahah. I think this was her 10th wedding.

And of course there is no better way to end the night than this

Anyway, I am off tomorrow to a conference in Hilton Head for a few days, but first I get to spend the night with Doug and Neely and my favorite little girls ever. Wish Dylan could come. : (

Ok, I still haven't finished packing- the gymnastics is distracting me. Gotta go.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The long-awaited arrival

Little Toler entered the world on July 24th, relaxed and not the least bit concerned he was four days past his due date. And when I met him eight days later, he was still just as chill as he could be.

I've been excited for last weekend's roadtrip for a while. Of the nine girls in my college Bible study, my best friends, Kristie is the first to be a mommy. The day we found out she was pregnant the other eight of us immediately added "Aunt" in front of our names and have been counting down the days to the baby's arrival ever since!

Katherine, Dylan, and I took a roadtrip this weekend (just like old times) to Georgia to spend time with Kristie and her husband Benjamin and meet Toler. We held him and took naps with him and changed his itsy bitsy diapers and cooked for the tired (but happy!) new parents.

We had such a great weekend. Thanks for letting us come meet your baby boy! Toler- so sorry about the fajitas. Kristie & Benjamin- so sorry you were up all night since Toler did not like the fajitas.

Clearly, by his excellent posing skills, Toler is prepared for a life of photoshoots

I love how he is holding each of their hands

Someone is already trying to make his son an LSU fan. Sorry Ben, but Toler is a little Gamecock through and through.

LOVE this one.

Look who has toes just like his daddy!

All in all a great weekend, even with the car breaking down on the interstate on the way home. Miss you already little guy!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Vegas and The Thumb Incident

So I'm back. And I have an injury to prove it. It all started when I got carried away on the slot machines. I was up by $700 and the crowds were cheering my name... ok no, not really. I didn't gamble at all. I was just trying to think of a better story than "I rolled over my thumb in my sleep and hyperextended it and now I am in a splint for two weeks." But really, that's how I sprained my thumb.

All in all Vegas was pretty much what I expected it to be. I am not a huge fan. I can't get over how many people intentionally go there. Other than this conference, I never would have set foot in Vegas, and I don't think I ever will again.

It so happens that the conference hotel (Casear's Palace) is what they call a "Pepsi house," meaning that the entire hotel, conference center, vending machines, casino, all restaurants, and the mall offer only Pepsi products. I spent a traumatic afternoon on the second day of the conference running up and down Las Vegas Blvd. in the 104 degree heat in search of a hotel that offered Coke. I passed a Coke truck (which I considered hijacking) before finally finding some pizza place with a panda bear logo that sold me two cans for $3.21. The following day I found 20oz. bottles for $3 each at the Mirage. Really, not helping the case for Las Vegas.

After some weather delays and a long day of flying with my swollen thumb, I was very happy to be home late Thursday night. 

In other news, my computer is back and seems to be better than ever. I spent the weekend in Rome, GA with Dylan and Katherine visiting our friend Kristie and her new baby! I'll post pictures soon. In the meantime, here are some of Vegas. I honestly didn't take as many as I usually do when I travel- I just wasn't that into it (and of course my thumb made things difficult.) But I did snap a few watching the fountains at the Bellagio.

And this was just a view down the strip.