Thursday, August 7, 2008

The long-awaited arrival

Little Toler entered the world on July 24th, relaxed and not the least bit concerned he was four days past his due date. And when I met him eight days later, he was still just as chill as he could be.

I've been excited for last weekend's roadtrip for a while. Of the nine girls in my college Bible study, my best friends, Kristie is the first to be a mommy. The day we found out she was pregnant the other eight of us immediately added "Aunt" in front of our names and have been counting down the days to the baby's arrival ever since!

Katherine, Dylan, and I took a roadtrip this weekend (just like old times) to Georgia to spend time with Kristie and her husband Benjamin and meet Toler. We held him and took naps with him and changed his itsy bitsy diapers and cooked for the tired (but happy!) new parents.

We had such a great weekend. Thanks for letting us come meet your baby boy! Toler- so sorry about the fajitas. Kristie & Benjamin- so sorry you were up all night since Toler did not like the fajitas.

Clearly, by his excellent posing skills, Toler is prepared for a life of photoshoots

I love how he is holding each of their hands

Someone is already trying to make his son an LSU fan. Sorry Ben, but Toler is a little Gamecock through and through.

LOVE this one.

Look who has toes just like his daddy!

All in all a great weekend, even with the car breaking down on the interstate on the way home. Miss you already little guy!

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  1. KPH- he is absolutely beautiful!!SO handsome!

    Rock- great job on the pictures!