Thursday, August 21, 2008

The challenge is on

Ever since Dylan and I finished our first marathon in June, I have been dying to sign up for another race. This week I signed up for the Kiawah Island Half Marathon in December. (Dylan isn't running, but he will be cheering loudly!) I'm pretty excited. So excited that Dylan and I decided to make a fun winter beach weekend out of it and invite all our friends. I had also just decided to train for an October 8k with my friend MaryO (so many "Marys" in my life- I have to keep them straight somehow), so she decided she was up for the half, too. And it just got better and better. Not sure of the final count, but most of the group not only plans to go to the beach, they also signed up for the race! Some are runners, some are not, so it will be interesting. Enter Katherine.

Katherine was one of my college roommates, one of my bridesmaids, and is one of my best friends. Katherine likes to take naps, watch The Office on her iPod, and drink Yuengling. Katherine does not like being hot, being cold, or running long distances, and gets bored every four minutes. But when I told Katherine about my half-marathon plans, she quickly replied, "I'm in! Hey how long is a half marathon?" And that is why we love her. Because really, why would you need to know the distance before you sign up? She's also notorious for impulsive decisions and impulsively changing her mind. ("I'm moving to Switzerland! I'm moving to Denver!") She's already endured a little trash-talking from those who don't think she'll see the training through. She HAS, however, paid the registration fee- a good sign.

Training commenced this week. We had a little whining, but she made it through two runs and overall still seems very excited. I continually remind her about the t-shirt and medal she will receive when she finishes the race- it's great motivation. (Although I would like to think the best motivation is the quality time we will be spending together on our Saturday long runs.)

Anyway, overall I am so happy that most of my best friends are going to get to spend a weekend together at the beach AND we get to run!! Be on the lookout for a future post featuring each of our fabulous team members.

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  1. I have faith in you Tak. And I'm so proud of what a motivated group we have! (I am also thankful that I live so far away and can use that as an excuse as to why I am not signing up ... just saying)