Sunday, April 17, 2011

A little R&R and a little baby boy...

I remember spring break being really exciting when I was in school. I don't think I would have believed you had you told me how exciting it would be NOW. Spring break in 2011 means that my (teacher) husband is off for a whole week, which if you have children you realize is amazing. Two parents against one baby... nice.

I'm off for the next week, so any phone calls or e-mails will be returned starting on Monday, April 25. I may pop and blog a little... there's just no telling what this week will hold. : )

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a quick peek at this sweet little bundle of goodness. Can't wait to share the rest of his session after my break!

Friday, April 15, 2011

New mini-books and SC dates!

Just popping in with a few announcements!

I added these sweet new mini-books to my product offerings a few months ago and I pretty much love them. They are 3x3 and fold up accordion-style and make a nice quiet little thump when they close thanks to the magnet inside. They fit easily into your pocket or purse or stand up on your desk, and they are AWESOME for newborns or seniors or really anyone whose face you want to be able to see at a moment's notice.

This book was from Mason's newborn session:

If you want more details, send me an e-mail!

Also, as always I am excited to announce my upcoming SC summer session dates. I'll be scheduling sessions in Columbia, SC on June 9, 10, 11, and 13. And if you're looking for a session outside of Columbia I'm happy to come see you- just send me a message with your date and I'll get back to you with availability and travel fee.

Come back soon and I will show you a tiny peek of my most recent newborn session. : )

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy newlyweds: Megan & Geoff

Happy Monday! Since Mondays are usually no one's favorite day, I am here to rescue you with something a little different on the blog to cheer you up. It's different because, a.) it's a wedding, and you guys know that I shoot very few weddings each year, and b.) how many couples have their wedding pictures in a professional ballpark?

Megan and Geoff live in Philadelphia. And they love Philly. And they love sports. And when I say love Philly and love sports, I mean they LOVE PHILLY AND LOVE SPORTS. So naturally, they REALLY REALLY love Philadelphia sports and wanted to make city and its sports a big part of their day. I've known Megan since elementary school, and when she started telling me about their plans it all just sounded so Megan, which is exactly how all weddings should be.

As I was choosing images for this blog post, I realized I was quickly approaching a million and needed to reign it in. Since you've all probably been to weddings before, I decided to forgo a visual play-by-play of every shoe, flower, cake, and family member that appeared in the twelve hours I spent with them, and whittle it down to my absolute favorite images that are uniquely Megan and Geoff. Especially because I know that's specifically why Megan and Geoff hired me- to document their day in my "not-too-weddingy" style.

I met Megan and the girls at Ovations Salon for the final touches on hair and make-up before hurrying back to the Sheraton Society Hill to finish getting ready. I could have spent half the morning just photographing Megan and her mom, who was clearly very excited for her only daughter's wedding.

I just love these shot of Megan's mom and dad

Beautiful, happy bride!

Geoff and the groomsmen all got ready at the hotel as well, so while the guys finished getting dressed I stole Geoff for a few portraits

The whole wedding party jumped onto a big bus Megan and Geoff rented for the day (brilliant) and headed from the hotel over to the incredibly gorgeous St. Bridget Catholic Church for the wedding ceremony

All married!!

The whole wedding party hopped back onto the bus to head off for pictures. First stop- the middle of the street! Mr. Bus Driver wasn't terribly thrilled to park in the middle of moving traffic on Broad Street, but it was way worth it for these portraits with City Hall in the background

Next stop: Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Megan and Geoff's first date was a Philadelphia Phillies game, and they are probably bigger Phillies fans than anything else, so the highlight of the afternoon was admittance to Citizens Bank Park. Megan was so organized that we actually got there early, so the wedding party stopped for drinks and the photographers stopped for chicken fingers at McFadden's right outside the ballpark. What kind of wedding day ever actually has EXTRA TIME? Awesome.

I'm not a baseball girl myself, but working here was pretty awesome.

No big deal, just the bride and groom kissing on the pitcher's mound. Which is actually a huge deal, because you'd probably have a better chance of getting invited to a sleepover at the White House than to set foot on that grass. My toes may have touched a few precious blades as I shot from the dirt... please don't tell.

And that's just the wedding party hanging out in the locker room.

Next up: cocktail hour and the reception at Finnegan's Wake

These cupcakes were created at Brown Betty Dessert Boutique. When I first saw the display I was a little nervous that I wouldn't get one. After all, I'm not a real guest. I was so relieved when they refilled the tiers. I ate one (...maybe two...) at the end of the night and almost died. AMAZING. And then I almost died a second time reliving each bite while editing pictures. And then I immediately looked them up online and was so sad to see they don't deliver. Perhaps a roadtrip is in order.

Hey looky there, I still posted nearly a million images and still feel like I left too many out. Clearly my whittling skills are sub-par. I have no problem making selections from portrait sessions to post on the blog, but choosing wedding pictures is hard work! There are just too many to share- I guess it will take me a while to find my own wedding blogging style. Well anyway, I know two people who won't mind the long post- happy one monthiversary (tomorrow) Megan and Geoff!! Thank you for trusting me be a part of your awesome day.

And I can't end this post without giving a huge shout out to my partner in crime- Dylan was my second shooter/gear carrier/Coke getter/notes organizer/cheerleader/post-wedding-I-am-too-tired-to-move-pizza-finder and I love him for it.