Saturday, July 11, 2009

All the cool kids are doing it

I know you are all in withdrawl- a week of daily blogging and then this?? I've had a loooong topsy-turvy week and it's safe to say I am WIPED OUT.

I plan to recover this weekend and be back blogging with a vengeance next week. In the meantime, want to make me smile big? I'll give you an easy way. You don't even have to *gasp* leave a comment on a post, the most painful of all requests I could possibly make of you (although it would earn you bonus points).

Just click on that fun little "FOLLOW BLOG" button at the very top of your screen and set yourself apart as a TRUE fan. It will give you the option to "Follow Anonymously" or "Follow Publicly" and show that you're a loyal reader. I know you're out there (at least, I tell myself you are.) If you love me, let me know!

And while I am sure it is quite terrifying to admit to the world that you read my blog, choosing to follow anonymously kinda sidesteps the whole make-me-smile thing. I would offer a reward for your bravery, but I don't have one. Other than my eternal gratitude of course, which should be enough for anyone.

Enough of that, and since I haven't posted any images I'll end with a shot of this sweet little chunkster wearing a Tot-Topper (for your bottom.)

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