Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The news

Well, since I don't know how else to introduce this, I'll just dive right in.

I'm moving to Maryland!

After months of hunting and praying for a job, Dylan has accepted a teaching position at a high school in Baltimore. We'll be moving the second week of August. We are so grateful to God for His provision, and while we're a little nervous about all the changes we're completely trusting in His plan for us. We both love the Northeast so we're pretty excited about our new city.

Now hold on one second, there is no need to cry. Dry those tears! All my wonderful clients know how much I will miss them and that I can't stay away forever. And my family and best friends are here in Columbia, so OBVIOUSLY we will be returning for visits.

I can't give you any firm dates yet, but you can be sure I will periodically be opening slots for South Carolina shoots which will be posted right here on my blog. Watch for those, cause they will fill up fast!

And for those that have been meaning to schedule a session, it's not too late! I will be accepting a limited number of sessions in the next few weeks before I go. Send me an e-mail or call me pronto if you're interested. Please understand that processing time may be slightly longer than normal as I frantically pack up my house. Please also understand if I show up at your session wearing two different shoes. Really, my photography equipment is going to be the only thing I am able to find for a while. It receives special treatment of course. : )

In the meantime, I'm editing like a fiend all the sessions I've been doing lately. Here's a preview from one- check out this cutie!!


  1. Wow! So excited for your new adventure! It's beautiful there!