Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chunky cheeks

Last time I saw my old college roommate Kristie, she was an exhausted but happy brand new mom. It was last August, and we had driven down to Rome, GA to visit eight days after she and her husband Benjamin welcomed baby Toler into their world.

Fast forward to March and we were finally able to get together again! And boy, does eight months make a difference in the life of a baby. Kristie and Toler made it to Columbia last week for a visit and I couldn't believe my eyes. Little sleepy eight-day-old Toler had turned into giggling, teething, stick-waving, chunky-cheeked eight-month-old Toler.

We made time for a photoshoot on the grounds of the Governor's Mansion while they were in town, and Toler showed up ready to work the camera, just like he did for my first-ever newborn shoot. And he was so patient and well-behaved, despite all the traveling and visitors interrupting his life!

This one just cracked me up while he waved his little stick around in the air. He looks like a tiny adorable pirate. Arrrgh.

We made sure to get some shots of Kristie and her baby boy, since most moms spend more time BEHIND the camera than in front of it. This one makes my heart melt just a little.

These next two are from one of my favorite series' of the day. I loved the stillness of the black and white, but the light was too gorgeous to resist some in color.

Kristie and Toler, it was so great to see you guys. Thanks for making time for pictures while you were here. We'll do a family shoot with Benjamin soon!


  1. AWESOME job lady! The light in most of these is just delicious yummy and your bokeh ROCKS!!! Did you get a new lens? That little boy is adorable enough to eat, seriously. And even DJ commented on his outfit... sooo perfect :) Rock on ..keep 'em comin'!

  2. Okay I have to ask...did he fit into any of the hats?

  3. No, he didn't fit in any of the hats... but my next session did!