Thursday, January 22, 2009

Week in review

It has been a busy week friends, and I don't even have any pictures to show for it. It started off with a nice, relaxing Monday off work, and then from there things went into turbo speed, so I'll just hit the high notes. 

The Great Blizzard of '09 on Tuesday didn't stick around long enough for the camera, but the flurries were enough for Dylan to get a day off school- all the districts closed down. I had to go to work, but did insist on wearing my scarf all day. I hope at some point this year to get a few inches of snow on the ground. I know, it's SC, but a girl can dream...

Wednesday night at Bible study we were a little distracted, but so full of joy as we welcomed our second baby into the world. The nine of us (my Bible study girls) all claim to be aunts to each other's children. The word "children" might be a little excessive since most of us don't have kids- up until now we only had a little nephew to spoil, but now we have a niece! Courtney gave birth to little Cayden Grace at 9:49 last night. We are so in love with all 7 pounds and 2 ounces of her, even if we haven't met her face to face.

Courtney, we are SO excited for you and Kirk and can't wait to all come visit you guys (and take millions of pictures) in Georgia. We're praying for you as you start your life as a mom! 

Ok, that's two down, seven to go- who's next?? 

In the land of photography, I am happy to say that I've caught up on editing and have gotten to devote some time this week to some other projects. I've also done a little reorganizing (of my brain and my files), so I should be refreshed and ready for my next shoot.

Time to get back to packing and cleaning. Dylan and I are heading to Athens, GA this weekend to visit Kati in her new apartment! I'm pretty psyched to have my BFF a short drive away. Chicago was cool and all, but not really conducive to a weekend roadtrip. I am anticipating a fun weekend. And lucky for all of you, that means my next post will have pictures.

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  1. Who's next? YOU?! YOU! Little baby Curtis' would be oh-so cute!