Monday, January 26, 2009

Sorry Riley, maybe next time

So on Saturday we were visiting Kati in Athens, just minding our own business and doing a little shopping after lunch, when BAM, we were blindsided by an adorable puppy display. It was one of those dog-shelters-set-up-in-front-of-the-pet-store situations, and man do they know what they are doing. Kati saw this face and was hooked:

She was pretty serious about saving Buster, as she is about all homeless pets. It is, after all, her fault that I adopted Riley out of the trunk of a car in the Target parking lot four years ago when all I really wanted was to return a pair of shoes. She just can't let their furry faces go. Thank goodness for the helpful shelter lady, who assured Kati that these dogs were all in foster homes and had somewhere to go that night. Otherwise we would have been cramming countless yelping puppies and teenage dogs into her new one-bedroom apartment that night.

This was the one Dylan and I fell in love with, but slapped ourselves a few times and shook off any romantic notions of Riley and his new best friend tiptoeing quietly through the house and sleeping at our feet. Also, the name "Bulldozer" sent up a few warning flags.

The rest of the weekend was free of any homeless pet guilt, and we had a blast hanging out with Kati and her boyfriend Stephen. Dylan was brave enough to eat the deer that Stephen grilled. Sorry, I prefer to fill up on Baskin Robbins.

I love this picture, if only because the second before I snapped it Kati was arguing, "No Stephen, I do not want to sit on top of the giant flowered bulldog in the middle of downtown for a picture." What a great fake smile that is!

Fun weekend with the BFF! Check back later this week- got a few things up my sleeve.

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  1. what a delightful jacket you are wearing in the b&w picture. :)