Friday, January 9, 2009

Worse than I thought

People, we have a crisis here. Yesterday I half-jokingly blogged about being spoiled by my recent lax work schedule. But this morning I discovered that I am, in fact, ACTUALLY SPOILED.

Dylan and I switched cars today. He was taking the SUV in for an oil change, so I was driving the pickup truck to work. “Trucky-poo,” as I affectionately call him, is a 1995 Nissan, who’s just been chugging along since Dylan got him eight years ago.

The problem started with the ice on the car. I use the term “ice” loosely- this is South Carolina and it was 31 degrees. Maybe “frozen dew” is more appropriate? Regardless, it was enough that I couldn’t see out the windows. I debated driving off anyway (since I was already ten minutes late), peeking through the small clearing on my windshield in hopes that the blinding sun shining on the melting frost wouldn’t cause a deadly accident.

Instead, I sat in the car impatiently for five minutes growing more and more frustrated because not only was the defroster blasting on the windshield useless, I had no heated seats, no sideview mirror defrosters, no rear window defroster, and had almost dislocated my shoulder reaching across the seats to hand-roll the passenger window to wipe the ice off (which, by the way, accomplished nothing).

And then I had the gall to almost throw a temper tantrum. If I was a cartoon character, my head would have turned into a smoking thermometer with the mercury almost at the top.

I stomped up the driveway to the other car, retrieved the ice scraper and attacked Trucky-poo’s windows, which probably looked pretty ridiculous to the neighbors since during my stomping fit the engine finally warmed up enough for the heat to melt the frost veil. But I scraped at the water anyway, just to show that truck that I meant business.

Hold on. WHAT?? Since when is it ok to unleash my wrath on an elderly truck who had insufficient time to warm up? Since when do I consider heated seats anything but a luxury item? I am in shock. I never saw this coming. I am not a girly girl, not wealthy, and not prissy, all of which I considered strong indicators for spoiledness.

To Trucky-poo, I apologize. You are a great and loyal truck. Please stick with us for a few more years.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions (for no other reason than I stubbornly refuse to make New Year’s resolutions) but I sure do plan to stop this nonsense immediately. I am considering drastic measures to prove my un-spoiledness. I don’t need these modern luxuries of man like “electricity”- I can use candles for light and fire for cooking. And besides, if I get too cold I can always go sit in the car on my heated seats.


  1. Yes! Candles ... just like Laura Ingalls Wilder. I knew you'd come around.

  2. of course you would bring Laura into this.