Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cabbage Patch in a pumpkin patch

Long ago my BFF Kati and I dreamed of the day she had a baby that we could photograph in a pumpkin patch. Don't roll your eyes. It's precisely because we share these types of dreams that we ARE best friends.

Now that Kati has aforementioned baby (Cole is 11 months old!), we just needed a willing husband and a pumpkin patch in order to create the perfect family photo. We coerced Stephen into getting up before sunrise and we found a Christmas tree farm that also sells pumpkins and decided that was close enough.

I have officially used up every last drop of creative juice for the day, so I will let the pictures do most of the talking here. You guys will probably appreciate that anyway.

I love this little face peeking around trying to figure out what in the world is going on

Might be my fave for their Christmas card this year

But I love this one, too

Oh, are you still wondering about the Cabbage Patch reference? I think this should explain it. I love this boy.

Are you even kidding me with these eyes?

So when I saw this...

...I thought of this (one of my fave images from their maternity session)! I think they should be hung up together. Just saying.

One word: STUNNINGGORGEOUSBEAUTIFUL. (Don't tell me that's not a word.)

Always great to spend time with some of my closest friends, but I haven't formally photographed Cole since his newborn session so this was really fun.

Clients, don't panic if you haven't seen your session on the blog. With holiday deadlines approaching I just haven't had time to blog each session yet, but galleries are coming to your inboxes this week!


  1. I love them! (Which is a good thing considering I just pulled myself out of bed to look at them...) And I'm not even bitter anymore at the fact that my son didn't smile like Ava. He's still precious! Thank you SO much best friend!

  2. These are AMAZING! Of course the beautiful clients don't hurt either!

  3. I have beautiful and talented friends. My gosh - these pictures make me want to hug and squeeze every one of you! A little much? Absolutely not. Miss y'all already!!!

  4. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!!!! I am not sure which one is my favorite but I do like the idea of putting the two together. Thanks for all your time and hard work. Love you.

  5. I looked again, they are all my favorites!!!!

  6. LOVE these! What a gorgeous family! Love the location too! Great job!