Friday, July 9, 2010


Let's be honest- when you are 41 weeks pregnant you don't have to do too much to look like a cow. (Although I have to say, the shots below make me look deceivingly skinny! I look like I'm only six months pregnant. Don't be fooled by our clever camera angles.)

Thanks to Sara Parker for these first two images

In lieu of a "Happy Thoughts" post today, I think we can all just appreciate how awesome a free Chick-fil-A dinner is. We can also appreciate how awesome it is when this pregnant cow also got a free milkshake! (The nice Chick-fil-A lady felt sorry for me.)

Dylan and I felt a family shot with the cow and the belly was necessary, since this was supposed to be the baby's first fast-food experience. Next year, I suppose.

And one last picture of us with my sister and Wes & Sara! Thank goodness I have four happy people to keep my spirits up this weekend.

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