Monday, July 5, 2010

A little puffier every day

If you are checking in today for the first time in recent weeks, you might be confused at what has happened to my photography blog. So here's a brief recap: still pregnant, no new photos to share, listing happy things each day to keep my mind off the little furnace that I am carrying around in my belly during this lovely Baltimore heat wave. (Let's hear it for 103 tomorrow!)

Today's smiles result from:

Trains and planes. Both brothers are coming to town next weekend, one by train and one by plane. How fancy does that sound? Super excited that tickets are booked and plans are made. Now all we need is a niece or nephew for them to play with!

Sun and water. We made our first visit to the pool today. It's in the park two blocks away, which is so convenient. (What is not convenient is when you think it opens at noon and it doesn't open until 1 because of the holiday and you are too slow and pregnant to return to the house so you sit and wait on a bench for 45 minutes.) And I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive of my first visit to a city pool. I wasn't totally wrong- there were lots of fascinating characters there- but we actually had a lovely afternoon sitting with our neighbors and playing in the kiddie pool with their four-year-old. The water was shockingly cool and refreshing and I felt like a new person as soon as I hopped in.

Fruity shampoo. It smells like summer and sunshine.

Trivial Pursuit. When you have a whole lot of time to kill, there is really nothing better than playing an impossibly difficult board game.

Hoping not to talk to you tomorrow,

Sausage Toes

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