Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Midweek Q&A

Question: Karin, why haven't you blogged much this week? Are you slacking off?

Answer: Heck no. I have gone into turbo-mode and am editing photo sessions like there is no tomorrow because NEXT WEEK I AM ON VACATION!

Question: Ok Karin, but when will you post the pictures on your blog?

Answer: Hopefully by the end of this week once I get these sessions wrapped, but if not you will just have to wait a little because NEXT WEEK I AM ON VACATION!

Question: Karin, why does your internet cut off every time your phone rings?

Answer: If I had the answer to that and all the other problems with my cable/internet/phone company I would be a very rich girl.

Question: Karin, what kinds of things are you excited about right now?

Answer: Well, I am greatly looking forward to Kent & Kait's wedding this weekend (since they belong to two of my favorite families on the planet) and then the following Saturday my best friend is getting married and I am MOH which is of course awesome. Oh and did I mention that in between those two weddings, which would be NEXT WEEK, I AM ON VACATION!?

Question: Karin, what do you think about frilly toothpicks?

Answer: I'm for 'em!

Question: Karin, can we see just one picture from one of the sessions you are working on right now?

Answer: Ok, fine, but only because you asked so nicely.

More questions or things you want to know? That's what the comment box is for. Ask away!

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  1. want to know what is making our house smell amazing? CHOCOLATE CHIP CAKE-which we get to eat on VACATION!