Friday, May 15, 2009


Tomorrow (Saturday 5/16) is the grand opening of Rita's Water Ice on Harbison Boulevard, and to celebrate they are giving away FREE ICE for seven days!

My parents (from Philly) and my aunt and uncle (in Philly) are the proud owners of the first and only Rita's in the Irmo area, and it's basically the bomb dot com. Yeah, I just said that.

If you are excited, come visit.

If you like it, come every day.

If you are broke, remember that it's free.

If you are skeptical, ask yourself if I have ever lied to you.

If you are confused, let me assure you that when I say "ice" I don't mean frozen cubes of water, and let me kindly direct you to the web site to learn more about Rita's delicious treats.

If you are drooling, get a napkin.

If you have friends, tell them. (About the free ice, not your drooling problem.)

If you are jealous, tough luck. Tell your parents to open their own store.

If you are awesome, grab your keys and go camp out in the parking lot. Cause 12:00 noon is going to sneak up on you pretty quickly, and you don't want to miss your chance to be the first customer, now do you?

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