Sunday, December 27, 2009

One is fun

Hope your Christmas was as wonderful as mine! I'm relaxing at my parents' in SC all week and still catching up on posting. These images are from a shoot I did a month ago- the day before Thanksgiving actually.

Kate and I debated for a while about where to capture her little boy in his one-year-old glory before deciding to meet at Harmon's Tree Farm in Gilbert, SC. We were a little nervous- some tree farms can be kinda tacky- and the weather was threatening rain, but we ended up with a great session. Harmon's was filled with all sorts of hidden gems- toddler-sized trees, brightly colored doors, and interesting backgrounds and textures.

In some ways 2009 seems like a long year. In other ways I feel like it was just yesterday that I took Charlie's three-month-old pictures, but according to my calendar it was in February. How is this precious little boy already a whole year old and walking around??

These feel like Christmas magic to me.

I love a baby in stripes.

This hat is of course a Tot-Topper, marvelous as usual

Little lumberjack, marching through the farm

That was more than I usually post- hopefully it makes up for the delay in sharing. Thanks Kate, I always love photographing your boys!


  1. Congrats these are BEAUTIFUL pictures lady :)

  2. LOVE these! GREAT locations and great shots! such a cutie! :)

  3. I'm so lucky to have you and Sara in my life :)