Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A few of my favorite things

I was brainstorming a title for this post of one of my favorite families and I was feeling Christmas-y. Into my head popped a few bars of "...these are a few of my favorite things..." which was lovely, until I realized that The Sound of Music is not a Christmas movie.

Regardless, there are some of my favorite clients. I LOVE photographing Maddie and Molly. Seriously, these girls are the cutest things. And you can always count on them to rock the Matilda Jane. We met at Riverfront Park in Columbia, SC to get a few updated family shots and some images for this year's Christmas card.

One of my fave shots this season

Love this one- both the sweetness of Maddie's kiss and Molly's feeble attempt to look happy about it

Michelle, Robbie and their girls were actually the only regular clients I saw while shooting Christmas sessions in SC. It was great to meet so many new families, but good to see some familiar faces, too!