Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Baby Story: Part 2

Once upon a time I shared A Baby Story with you.

Second upon a time, I did it again.

I hesitated to call our first session "part 1" because I wasn't sure if we would get our "part 2." When we scheduled Will and Lindsay's maternity session early in her pregnancy, we crossed our fingers and penciled in a January snow day to run out and grab just a few more images. We couldn't be sure that the atmosphere would cooperate, but we were hoping against hope it would. And besides how obviously awesome a snowy session would be, we wanted to be sure to document that beautiful growing belly again closer to D-day.

Last week it happened! We got a big thundersnowrm (yep, made that word up myself) and locked in the one hour that we were all available the next morning. Now, I wanted snow to be actually falling from the sky during the shoot, but I can only control so much. Despite my lack of precipitation control, I love how these came out. Snow shoots are fun!!

Even though I was dumb enough to bring a white blanket to a snow session, these turned out to be some of my favorite images

Dear Lindsay,
Please stop looking so amazing.
Many thanks,
my post-baby waist and thighs

Three cheers for preggos who run around freezing and coatless in the snow!

Now TECHNICALLY it is no longer Wednesday, which is a problem for my blog-every-day-this-week promise. Thankfully, you are loving, understanding people and not technical people, and I am still awake and working anyway, so this totally counts. Don't you dare tell me it doesn't.

See you tomorrow (slash later today!)


  1. I think that the blanket one in black and white is beautiful. great job Karin. I love reading your blog and seeing all of the photos:)!

  2. She IS a super cute preggo! And LOVE her boots! :) Awesome shots K-Rock!

  3. What a beautiful couple! This photo shoot actually makes me want to dance around in the snow... which is not likely to happen since I live in the only state that has yet to get any. But as we both know, I'm okay with that! Love the look though!

  4. Those are awesome. The blanket was a cool idea, and I like that in the last one you can see the pagoda (that I never went in). Also-I love when I know the people in your posts. Makes me feel connected.

  5. These are great!! I love the last one with the pagoda in the background.

  6. Oh my gosh, I love these, Karin!! You are an artiste. <3