Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To do: make a to-do list.

So here's something that should surprise no one- I like to-do lists. And when I don't have them, nothing gets done.

Last week I planned to blog every day, so I made myself a list of what to blog and BOOM, done. Last week, I planned to eat dinner every day (as most people do) so I laid out our meal plan ahead of time. Boom, dinners cooked.

This week, I made no blogging list, hence it is already Wednesday and this is all you've gotten from me. I made no meal plan, so we've had to eat the emergency back-up frozen dinner from the freezer and toast and grilled cheese. Which would be fine except now we no longer have a back-up, and we are dangerously low on cheese.

The worst part is I know we have all the ingredients in the pantry to make several different meals- I bought them on purpose last week to avoid this very problem. But since I only wrote out my meal plan through the end of the week now I don't remember what I had planned for this week. BOOOOOOOOO.

Let's go ahead and deem this week FAIL and plan on a better week next time. (Side note: when did everyone start saying "FAIL" all the time? And in all caps? I decided to try it out here. Don't know that I see what all the fuss is about.)

I have had several requests for pictures of my sad friend Streaky, so you can plan on seeing that later this week. I still need to take his picture. I should write that down.

I'd better go make some lists while the kiddo is napping or I am going to forget everything.

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