Thursday, January 13, 2011

My baby is famous!

Ok, nope, he's not. But Brody IS in a playgroup that was featured on the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance blog today! He's in the last picture laying on his belly in a tan onesie... the really bald pale kid with sunlight glowing through the few strands sticking up off the top of his head... yes, that is him. My best friend didn't even recognize him- don't feel bad. And for the record I would just like to point out that these pictures were taken a month ago, and his hair situation is now much improved.

Also, double-fun, all the pictures in the post were taken by yours truly!

Anyway, check the blog post out if you get a chance. DBFA is a great organization and wonderful resource if you're a parent here in Baltimore. Even if you're not in the city, you should check out the blog and see some of my Little Monster's little friends!

I know you're looking for some pictures on THIS blog. Well let me just tell you that being sick is not fun. Being sick when your husband is also sick is less fun. And two sick people trying to be parents while at the same time keeping the baby from getting sick gets a big thumbs down. That pretty much sums up our week here. Sanitizing the house is taking first priority, but the blog is creeping back toward the top of the to do list!

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