Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy dogs and happy humans

I don't often lead off with my favorite photo from the session, but today I am. Because it is my favorite and I want to look at it first.

Honey and Fleckles are two very happy dogs. And why wouldn't they be? They get to live with Nichole and Eli, two of my favorite people.

Nichole started looking around her office one day a few months go and realized that not only was she missing a picture of Fleckles on display, she was missing a picture of her husband. Ooops. When her co-workers stopped by she had nothing to show them but Honey. Sad. : (

We gathered the dogs and husband and headed out to Patterson Park to rectify this situation one glowing November afternoon, and rectify it we did. I LOVE sessions like this... just normal people being their normal selves living their normal lives.

This shot normally would have gotten tossed when I was editing, but I took one look at Fleckles and died laughing and knew I had to keep it.

I am not a huge fan of the term "furbabies", but I am a fan of doggies that are very much a part of the family like these. This series is my other favorite.

I had to laugh because even though I was photographing good friends of mine, I went into this session a little nervous. I don't work with couples that much and most of my dog experience is with my own, so I felt a little out of my element.

About 30 seconds in I realized that photographing a couple with two dogs is about the same as photographing a couple with two toddlers, except that with dogs you get to use a leash. The general public tends to frown upon leashing toddlers.

And this was also great because a few short weeks later I photographed another couple with a dog (coming soon to a blog near you)! Thanks to Eli and Nichole for being my guinea pigs. : )

Happy Friday!


  1. Great shots! I also laughed when I saw that shot of Fleckles- it totally looks like she has a bug up her nose:)

  2. Karin, thanks so much for making me look so good.
    As for that one shot of Fleckles, lets just say that our trainer would not be too happy with that shot, I am supposed to use my words, not my hands... at least its a funny shot.