Sunday, June 6, 2010

Since you've been gone

Yep you guessed it, I have Kelly Clarkson in my head. But don't try to change the subject. I'm hurt. Seriously people, where have you been? It's like you've totally abandoned me for the past several weeks. Well, once again I will forgive you. But only because it is Sara's birthday!


Is this the best picture of us? Bahaha. Not by a long shot. But sometimes, you really don't care about the lighting or framing or ISO (even when you are BOTH photographers), or about how pregnant your face looks or how scrunched your poor friend is. Sometimes, a picture just makes you smile and wish you could give a birthday hug in person.

I love you Sparkles, wish I was there to celebrate with you and make you cupcakes!


  1. WOW. that IS a super creepy picture. BUT I love it all the same. Thanks K-Rock! You're the best :)

  2. You both look Beautiful like always!!!!! And Happy Birthday Sara.