Monday, June 21, 2010

Nothing important

Nothing important to share here, which is why I didn't blog all week. But it turns out when you are really pregnant and people don't hear from you they think you are in labor. (Yep, sorry Amanda- still haven't e-mailed you back... and still pregnant.)

So anyway, here are a few random updates for your Monday evening enjoyment.

Today is the first day of summer. I am from SC, so I really can't complain about the heat. But seriously, it's hot here this week, and to hear everyone keep saying, "Oh, it's usually so much nicer than this is June- this is unusual," does not make it any more tolerable.

Do you hear that little baby?? It's hot! Just be born already.

I'm spending this week working with Sandtown Habitat for Humanity and am really excited about it. Over 700 volunteers are working on almost 20 job sites in the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood of Baltimore this week as part of the 19th annual Summer Building Week. The staff is working really hard to keep me in the shade working at the registration table. I am working really hard to sneak up on a roof somewhere and start lifting heavy objects and get this baby moving.

We've eaten frozen pizzas three out of the past four days in this house. Except they're not actually frozen; they're refrigerated and not supposed to BE frozen and saved for later and the have expiration dates and they have to get eaten. It's a complicated story involving an overzealous grocery store cashier, a charity donation, and a pregnant woman food shopping alone.

I really need to get behind the camera. I miss it and I'm itching to start scheduling client sessions again, but of course my current first priority is the client in my belly who has not yet shown his or her face. Perhaps I will turn my camera on the cat this week. If I can catch her at a moment where she is not dismantling the toilet or trying to eat the dog's breakfast, I'll be sure to share any successful images.

Peace out.


  1. So I have to keep checking up on you because I am not a facebook junkie! I'm afraid the world will know and I won't and I won't know boy or girl or name and ahhhhh its so stressful. So if there is a mass email or text that goes out, I would much like to be included. :-D But you don't have to text me while in labor...

  2. I feel bad it is so Hot!! But I still want a 4th of July Baby!!

  3. yay for random blog posts...I love knowing what going on with my prego balto friend! hang in there!