Friday, June 11, 2010

Birthday week continues!

You may notice a few things this week.

1. The obvious fact that I have returned from the land of the blogging dead
2. The fact that I have lots of friends with birthdays
3. The fact that I am not spending a whole lot of time finding pictures of birthday friends before posting

Happy birthday to my BFF Kati!

This picture is from last summer, when Kati was pregnant and I was not. Ha, how the tables have turned! (Wait, I think you are only supposed to say that when your situation has improved over the other person's...) Yeah, you can tell she was still in the early "cute" pregnant stage. She actually stayed pretty cute the whole time. And now I'm getting sidetracked.

Anyway, Kati I hope you and Stephen have a fantastic weekend in Charleston! Enjoy the sand and some Kickin' Chicken and some ice cream and a strawberry daiquiri for me and my puffy pregnant toes. And of course some birthday cake. If they would let me on an airplane, I would join you.

And just to calm everyone's fears, I promise this blog is not going to turn into a continual stream of birthday messages. June just happens to be one of those months.

Happy weekend!

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