Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jeans and chocolate milk

I'm a pretty low-maintenance girl. In a high-maintenance kind of way.

For example, take a look at my outfit of choice. In a perfect world, I would not be required to dry my hair after showering and I would wear jeans, a t-shirt, flip-flops, and a ponytail all day everyday. (And I don't mean "t-shirt" the way some prissy girls do- I mean an actual unisex, 100% cotton, non-fitted t-shirt, preferrably from a touristy restaurant or a race I ran in.) So that all sounds pretty simple and low maintenance, until we start talking about the jeans.

Now I know everyone is particular about jeans, but I'm a little different. I have only owned two perfect pairs of jeans in my life. The first pair I bought seven years ago and is now so threadbare I only allow myself to wear and wash them once every six months in order to preserve their fragile life, and the second pair which I found last year is on a well-deserved hiatus while I rock the maternity jeans for a few months. I have impossibly high standards for my jeans- they have be a certain fabric content and must hit at a very precise spot on my hip and flare at a very particular angle at the feet and be a very exact length. Neither of my favorites are designer labels, but I would gladly pay an astronomical amount of money if I could ever find them again in store or on eBay or at an outlet (you'd understand if you saw my butt in them). Nothing short of perfection is acceptable, and unless I am wearing one of the previously mentioned perfect pairs my mood is noticably less chipper.

Similarly, my taste in foods is quite basic, but I'm still hard to please. While my appreciation for chocolate milk may seem simple enough on the surface, things get pretty complex when it comes to the cup it's poured in and the ratio of milk to chocolate syrup. I'll spare you the details of this and many other examples and get straight to the point. Clearly I am very picky (shocking), but I would venture to say that I can be a little difficult to live with.

It takes a special person to love me and live with me, and I am happy to report that three years after marrying me he has not given up. He's kind of wonderful. Of course he has his favorite jeans, but he doesn't sulk about the rest of his collection. If you make him a glass of chocolate milk he appreciates the gesture and doesn't get caught up in the details, and yet he still goes to every effort to ensure my glass meets my specifications.

Silly way of saying it, but basically my husband is perfect for me. His selfless and loving spirit continually blow me away. I am not sure how he has the patience for me but I am so glad that he does. God planned the perfect person for me and that is pretty cool.

Also, he makes me laugh a lot and he's not too bad to look at.

Happy anniversary, Dylan. Love you tons!

(Photo by Sara Parker)


  1. I Love reading your blog!!!
    What a great photo of the two of you.
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. I love you both to pieces and am so glad I got to be a part of your special day three years ago. It gives me so many wonderful memories. Hugs!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to see you guys soon!

  4. …and boy are we thankful for someone to take over the reigns three years ago! (just kidding)
    We love you both and wish you the best!