Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The essentials

This preparing-for-a-baby thing has opened my eyes to a whole new world. It doesn't seem like a baby needs a whole lot. Afterall, they just eat, sleep, poop, and cry. But while you really only need a few basics to start off baby life, the more you read and the more you see, the more you feel is absolutely necessary for survival. Which is why of course I now have three separate baby registries. Ridiculous.

In my defense, registering at Babies R Us and Amazon.com were very practical places for us because we found lots of important items like diapers and car seats. But seriously, The Land of Nod has the cutest striped onesies I have ever seen, and suddenly those seem quite essential as well.

What else have I deemed essential? A new camera bag. Now I know that technically my camera is not required to sustain the life of my child, but I would suggest that it comes quite close. And if I am going to be toting my camera everywhere, don't I need a really cute bag that also holds diapers and wipes? (Please note, this is very different than a diaper bag that also holds a camera.)

I have been drooling over these Epiphanie bags ever since they were first announced last fall, and now that they are in production I can't stop dreaming of owning one. While I haven't yet held one in my hands, I urge all fellow photographers to get one immediately.

They are functional, gorgeous, and spacious, and they make you look cooler than you really are. Plus I've deemed them a safety item. When I take the kid out, why would I want to lug a large camera bag that announces to the world, "I am full of expensive equipment and a slightly distracted new mother is juggling a diaper bag and baby while carrying me- steal me!"? So really, I think you'll agree it would be foolish of me NOT to own one.

So to summarize, if you are out in search of a good deed to do today, look no further. You can just order me a present and call it a day. : ) For the record, I love Lola and Belle. Surprise me.

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  1. Well hopefully you will get yours and I will get mine and we can be twins. I have been salivating over these bags too. I desperately NEED the blue one. While its not "as" functional as my massive bag for weddings, I need to look cute on family, engagement and kids shoots right? I mean, who says that a photographer cant have many-o-camera bags. They are a necessity, ahem!