Sunday, February 21, 2010


So how's that for an excuse? I seriously just forgot to update my blog all week. If it's alright with you I will just blame this on the "pregnancy-induced forgetfulness" that everyone talks about. So here's a quick rundown of my personal life this week (minus any photos, because I forgot to take any).

We passed the 6-month mark of our life in Balto. Not sure what that means, really, just thought it was worth noting. I wouldn't say it has gone quickly or slowly- more like a mixture of both. We still greatly miss all our friends and family down south, but we do really like the city we've moved to. I won't say "love" yet- we don't want to say something too soon and scare it out of what could be a good relationship. Check back with me on our one-year anniversary.

Dylan finally headed back to school after seven days off from the blizzard. I got started on a long-overdue list of changes to the photography business. Big stuff is on the way- so fun! Stick with me. : )

We celebrated Riley's 5th birthday. And by celebrated I mean we did absolutely nothing at all. We are not those people who throw their dog a birthday party or buy him an organic cake from a doggie bakery. We meant to give him a treat, but I really can't remember if we did. I was going to at least take his picture but he made me mad on our afternoon walk so I refused. Dylan serenaded him with a touching rendition of Happy Birthday right before we went to bed which I think he loved.

We had a big day yesterday. We started our baby registry. Might I recommend Babies R Us on a Saturday to anyone looking for a surefire method of birth control? It doesn't help that according to the associate we apparently picked their busiest day of the year- the last day of some coupon or sale or something. Dylan actually kept it together much better than I did, even as the shopping carts and crying babies and spastic woman in the car seat aisle whizzed by. I almost had a heart attack as I looked at a wall of 84,000 types of baby bottles. He's going to be a great father. His wife might need some help.

To reward ourselves we decided it was time for a date and I couldn't stop daydreaming about Olive Garden breadsticks so off we went. I am sure they thought we just wandered out of exile somewhere- we ate like we have never eaten before. What can I say, we were excited. We don't get out much. We repeatedly ordered refills of our salad and breadsticks and I think they hated us for it. I don't really even like salad and I ate four platefuls. Most of our actual appetizer and entrees were packed up and brought home. Can you blame us? If they are going to offer unlimited bread and salad, you might as well get your money's worth.

And in other news, I am absolutely obsessed with the Olympics and have a hard time turning the TV off every night. I really don't care what sport it is, I just get super excited. I might cry when they end next week.

I filled up most spots in SC for my spring photo sessions, but I still have a few left- e-mail me if you're interested!

It's sunny and 45 degrees today and I can't help but think it feels like spring. How odd. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon, and I'll be back with pictures soon!


  1. Oh I wish you would have told me before you headed off to Babies R Us, I would have told you to start small... like Target. Babies R Us scared me TO DEATH. I was so overwhelmed I about started crying... that was 7 years ago... It gets better :) I hope you guys were able to register for everything you need :)

  2. You two took on Babies R Us alone?! Are you crazy?!! Brent and I went the day we found out W was a boy....with a friend. A friend that already had a baby. That is the key. I gave her the scan gun thing and told her to blast away. Brent lasted 5 minutes and decided to go back to work. I'm impressed with you two.

  3. I thought registering for our wedding was absolutely great - you see it, you like it, you scan it. Baby registering, however, is nothing but stressful! You see it, you like it, but does it really work? Is it safe? Yadda yadda. Good look to you :-) I wanted to double check, I think you left Friday off of your schedule for that week in March - I'm hoping its because its mine :-) And lastly, John Dickson apparently shares your love for the Olympics. The other night as I was trying to work, he refused to go to sleep, so he finally got in bed with me and watched the olympics (skiing) while I tried again to work. All on his own, he kept saying "oh wow, oh wow" and then he'd say "all done" and clap. That little man loves him some olympics :-)