Thursday, January 28, 2010

My parents will be so proud

It's the little things in life. The things you teach your children when you're not even trying. The life lessons that stick with them into adulthood.

My parents used to order Chinese food on Friday nights. I threw tantrums and made throw-up noises and convinced them I was going to die so that they would get me a Wendy's hamburger instead. They would roll their eyes and peacefully eat their dinners while I ran to eat my burger in a different room to avoid contamination. It was kind of a weekly thing.

As I got a little older and braver I discovered that I loved Japanese food- teriyaki chicken and hibachi vegetables make me jump for joy. It wasn't until about a year ago that I realized that all Chinese food is not evil, and is pretty similar to Japanese. Chinese people have chicken and rice and veggies, too. I still don't want anything to do with an egg roll, and noodles that aren't Italian give me the creeps, but I can kill some fried rice.

Tonight, for the first time in my life, I called and ordered Chinese takeout. The little baby in my belly wiggled with excitement while we waited for the delivery man to show up, and it was everything I imagined it would be. It even came in the adorable Chinese food boxes. (Although I was a little disappointed not to get chopsticks.)

Dylan and I were super sad to learn that our traditional Thursday night TV date was all repeats, but we chowed down on our Chinese food in front of the TV anyway. And loved every bite.

Thanks Mom and Dad. You've taught me so much. (But I'm not changing my mind about pork, so don't push your luck.)

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  1. haha I love how your last 3 posts are about food! You are definitely preggo. Also, I boycott pork with you! Y.U.C.K.