Thursday, January 21, 2010

I hate Jell-O.

Seriously. It grosses me out. Texture has a big impact on my food choices and I just can't handle the slimy, jiggliness of Jell-O.

Dylan and I have both been down for the count this week. After he got through the worst of his stomach virus, I caught it full-force, complete with an overnight stay in the ER chugging down IV fluids. It was a blast as poor, sick Dylan sat in an uncomfortable hospital chair all night while sicker me lay in an uncomfortable hospital bed. We've spent the week in our pajamas on the couch catching up on a whole season of LOST that we missed. And we actually don't have a couch, so we've been scrunched on the loveseat. We are truly pathetic.

We're both doing much better now and planning to head back to work tomorrow (just in time for the weekend). We drank our share of Gatorade and juice over the week, but somehow the Jell-O that I thought was so important to make still sits in the fridge. I really don't understand how anyone eats that stuff.

If anyone (besides my sister who lives 500 miles away) is interested, feel free to stop by for a snack. We've got plenty to share!

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  1. Surely there is some fancy kind of shipping where you can just mail me that jello. :)