Friday, January 22, 2010

Just what the doctor ordered

I know I am supposed to gain 25 lbs. by July, but I don't think THIS is what the doctor had in mind.

I've got a belly full of baby, and when it asks me to toss a few pancakes in there I can't really tell it no. (Who would argue with a tiny little baby?) It's been asking for pancakes pretty often, so I've got a sneaking suspicion we'll hit the goal weight a tad early.

So there's the big news! I've been holding out posting on my blog, and really you should thank me. Because now that this is open knowledge to the blog world, I feel perfectly entitled to share all my whiny pregnancy stories with you. The floodgates have been opened. You're welcome.

Ok, to be honest I am trying really hard not to be a whiny girl. (I guess you'd have to ask my husband how well I'm doing with that.) I'm not the first pregnant person in this world nor the last, and really anything I want to complain about I know there is someone out there worse off than me. And yes I am still barfing in month four, several weeks after everyone assured me I would be feeling marvelous. Overall I am extremely excited about this tiny little blessing from God in my belly, even while I question its hatred of hamburgers and all things beef. What child of mine could hate hamburgers??

But to address the business aspect of this news- because of course, this is a photography blog, not a mommy blog- YES I am still actively booking and shooting sessions! I may be packing on the pounds but that's all the more reason for me to chase after YOUR children and get a little exercise. I will be taking a mid-summer break while we adjust to having a small person living in our house- I hear they're not quite as self sufficient as dogs- but at this point I am still rocking and rolling.

And stay tuned, I should be announcing one more opportunity for South Carolina clients to get some camera time this spring!


  1. IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU TOLD THE NEWS!! I love how you did it :) very clever. I love you baby Shorty!!!

  2. Baby Shorty hates beef?! So sad! Baby W hated chicken, really hated chicken. Yea for pancakes though! So excited for you guys.