Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wanted: Coordinated dogs with listening skills

Please explain to me why it is SO HARD to sit and stay as you are told??? Seriously, I don't get it. English is not a difficult language.

You would think that if you ask Dog 1 to sit and he obeys, since Dog 2 is standing right next to him you can say "sit" and Dog 2 will sit by Dog 1. But noooooooo. Dog 2 sits on top of Dog 1, then jumps up, spins in a circle, licks your camera lens, smears snot on your leg, and plops down ten feet away facing the wrong direction and looks over his shoulder at you with his eyes going two different ways. And then begins chewing on his foot with a vengeance. And by then Dog 1 is off digging a hole somewhere.

Now how is that going to make a nice picture?

Here at the Curtis Dog Hotel, we've been watching Oliver (aka Dog 2) while Wes and Sara are in Philly. He's such a klutz but lots of fun.

And as you can see, the closest I ever did get to a picture of them together was individual pictures of each displayed side-by-side. What is that? Oh, you're asking why our yard appears to be more dirt than grass? Yeah, we'd like to know, too. You'll have to take that up with our four-legged cave-digging friend.

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