Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nice to meet you

Hello, sweet new friends. We are so glad you have joined our life. Even though you are different, and you are not the reliable Brooks running shoes we have worn for years, we are excited to meet you.

We guess it was time for a change, but you are new to us, Mizunos. We appreciate your arch support and your shiny teal design, and are hopeful you can make good on your promises to provide sufficient back and knee support.

But just remember, as appropriate and yet horrible as this pun is, you have some very big shoes to fill. Brooks was always good to us, and we never got mad at them (except of course when they discontinued our favorite shoe.) We look forward to working with you- don't let us down.


Karin's feet

P.S. Also, see what you can do about helping us keep up with the dog. It is embarrassing to be dragged around by someone who really doesn't even care about running and is just trying desperately trying to catch a squirrel.

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