Monday, December 29, 2008

Our weekend in Kiawah

This is a little belated (do I start all my posts like that?) but I wanted to share some images from our trip to Kiawah Island in early December for the Kiawah Half Marathon. Ideally all 17 of our closest friends would have been there, but we settled for the eight that were able to make it. The weather was gorgeous, we were only a few blocks from the beach, and we were armed with movies, junk food, football, pajamas, cameras, and plenty of Baileys and hot chocolate- recipe for an awesome winter getaway.

I'd never been to Kiawah but it made for some great photos.

Oh right, the reason we were there was the half marathon. It was my first half event and I had a blast! Mary O. and I ran together and had a great time. Mary R. was cookin' and finished in under two hours.  Check out my good friend Sara's blog for race pictures. She is a fellow runner AND photographer (we're two peas in a pod). The race filled up before she could register, so she made the best of it and was our official race paparazzi!

We spent a fun Sunday afternoon at the beach. Luckily, it was deserted, cause we spent a good 45 minutes in front of the tripod accomplishing this.

While we were there we took advantage of the beach and did a few mini-shoots.

Here are Mary and Ryan

And this is Sara and Wes

Sara took some of Dylan and I, too!

We're all excited about what we've decided will be an annual event. And next year maybe we talk a few more into running!

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