Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekend festivities

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It might actually be my number one. It always seems to turns into a four-day stretch of wonderfulness. This year was no different.

My holiday weekend was jam-packed with eating, running an 8k Thanksgiving morning, having the whole family in town, eating, shopping with my favorite people before the sun rose, a fun photo shoot, a meal shared with friends that are like family, the 2nd Annual Schmidt Family Rock Band Thanksgiving Extravaganza, eating, the tragic Carolina-Clemson game (redeemed only by the fun party that accompanied it), very little sleep, watching movies on the wall projector, eating, and having my best friend in town.

I am grateful for the happiness that each of these things bring, but I am also reminded that God has blessed my life far beyond shopping, turkey, and an awesome family. My joy is in Him alone, and not earthly things or people, however cool they may be.

Here's a photographical summary of my weekend.

(photo by Dylan)

(photo by Ellen)

(photo by Kati)

(photo by Sara)

And now it's time to decorate for Christmas- can't wait!!

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