Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy brothers

I have had this post ready for days and keep forgetting to publish it! (Really, how does that happen?) Without further ado, here is the follow-up to "Peppermint fingers".

I had a photo session with seven-year-old Zackary and 14-month-old Seth the day after Thanksgiving. I was amazed at how much Seth has grown since our last shoot in April!

We met out at Pine Island on Lake Murray and had the place to ourselves. The lake was totally still and the whole place was just so peaceful.

The boys have a lot of fun together. Seth was running all over the place, eager to keep up with his big brother, and Zack was happy to roll around in the grass with him. 

More pictures than I normally post- lucky you!

We slipped in a few with Mom and Dad

And then came the candy canes for a little bit of Christmas

It was really hard for me to choose only a few candy cane shots- there were some really cute ones. And I wasn't sure how much Seth would like peppermint, but I think his sobbing after Mom took it away at the end of the shoot answered that.

Love watching these boys grow- looking forward to our next shoot already!

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  1. The pictures turned out so perfect! The boys love working with you and you always get the best shot. We are defiantly looking forward to the next photo shoot (which should be in the Spring). Words can not express the joy these pictures have brought our family. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to many more years of you capturing priceless moments. GOD bless you! I hope you and Dylan have a very Merry Christmas!