Friday, December 26, 2008

Suzanna & Jonathan's "Day After"

It's taken me forever to post these, but here they are!

Friends of mine Suzanna and Jonathan got married June 28. We tried in vain to find time to do engagement pictures or bridal portraits before the wedding, but it just didn't work.

But it's ok, because we decided to do a "Day After" shoot instead! For those that have never heard of this, many couples are now opting to have a longer portrait session with their photographer the day after the wedding. They get all dressed up again and have uninterrupted time to get some really cool pictures together without the rush and stress of the wedding day.

Now, I was not Jonathan & Suz's wedding photographer, nor did we do their session the day after (try November), but it still ROCKED. I referenced their hotness last month as they modeled their aviators.

This was really fun for me since I normally work more with children and families.

Since it was rainy on their real wedding day, we started out at First Presbyterian Church where they got married in downtown Columbia to get some pictures around the church grounds.

Suzanna was a beautiful bride the first AND second time. Several people congratulated them as we walked around downtown, thinking they'd just gotten married. One lady looked so excited she almost cried.

Then we headed to Main Street and ran around till there was just no sunlight left to work with!

LOVE these next two

So beautiful

We found one last spot with a little sun before calling it quits, and it made for some of my favorite images

Dylan and I had a blast working with them- they ARE our friends, after all. Good times. Thanks for being fun and going along with all my ideas! 

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