Friday, October 23, 2009

An autumn resolution

Ouch. Nine days since my last post? Might be my new worst record.

Well guess what- I'm making a resolution, and it's not even January (yeah, you can do that.) I resolve to blog at least three times a week. Because certain people (coughcough**theBFF**coughcough) have threatened to "un-follow" my blog if I do not live up to their entertainment needs. Now, this threat would be much more intimidating if the aforementioned best friend actually WAS an official follower of my blog, but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, my understanding is that a "resolution" isn't quite the same as a promise. And I don't promise to blog three times a week. But I resolve to try. How's THAT for a lame, watered-down commitment to keeping you happy? You're welcome. : )

So let's jump right in with some catch-up, shall we?


In all seriousness, things are about to pick up here for the holidays. I am super-pumped about my trip to South Carolina next week to photograph several beautiful kiddos and their families.


I've spent several days drooling over the new iMac. If you're feeling gifty this weekend, feel free to order me one or send me a sizeable Apple giftcard!


Do any of you watch Community on NBC? HILARIOUS. I don't watch a ton of TV and I never would have started on this new show, but in a move of brilliance they tagged it on after The Office just long enough to get a few of us hooked, and then moved it to it's own timeslot. Which was an even SNEAKIER trick because now I have to watch Parks & Recreation, too, since it comes on between Community and The Office. Suddenly my Thursday nights are toast.


I looked at my bookshelf the other day and realized how few of the books I had read or how long it had been since I'd read them. I used to be the nerdiest bookworm you could ever imagine (ok, maybe my sister wins that contest) and I realize I totally miss it. So I'm jumping back in head first and tackling the bookshelf, though my new TV schedule throws a kink in my plans. Any suggested books when I'm through?


And I just realized that in my recent slackness, I never shared from my brother-sister-weekend-o-fun. It was awesome. Dylan and I tried to find a way to make them stay, but they had to go back to work and school. The dog cried for three days after they left and has been a pathetic, mopey mess since. And I had a BLAST running the Baltimore Half-Marathon. A recap is in order. Meet my number-one fan:

Julie, Jon & Dylan were troopers- it rained for the the entire race, but they didn't seem to care. Luckily the rain dried up after we finished so we could walk around the harbor a little.

Because of the parking logistics caused by 20,000 runners, we decided to leave the car at home and just walk to and from the race. A three-mile walk turns out to be pretty exhausting post-race, so we made a pit-stop at Chipotle on the way.

That's all for today! If you need me I'll be holed up in my office working away while I listen to rain hit the skylight. I heart Fridays in my cozy home office!


  1. yay for the new imac!!!!! i can't wait to get one! and yay for a new post post...i have been WAITING for an update from Balto! Miss and love you guys!

  2. super excited about the new resolution. glad to see my "suggestions" (er threats) have been taken into consideration. after all, i need something to keep me busy while i eat goldfish, sit on the couch and watch lifetime all day.

    and as a sidenote, love the blue headband. very cute! can't wait to SEE you!!