Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cousin love

So a few weeks ago we moved to Maryland. And a few weeks before that we drove to Maryland to find somewhere to move to. And while we were in Maryland I saw some of my cousins and all their precious children. And I took some pictures, and then we left Maryland to go home to pack up to move to Maryland and somehow in there I filed the pictures away on my hard drive and forgot about them.

They have been found. Three sisters with seven children between them age five and under. What a fun and adorable group of cousins!

I can never remember what my first cousins' children are called. Are they my second cousins? Are they removed once? Twice? No one knows. So I will just call them insanely cute, and hopefully I'll get to play again soon!


  1. yes, they are called your second cousins :) cute pics! phone date soon?

  2. i disagree sarah, i think they are our first cousins once removed. karin and dylan's kids would be these kids second cousins....according to some website anyway.

    also-awesome pictures! FOUR DAYS!

  3. hmm...i might have to agree to disagree... especially since you spelled my name wrong! ;)

  4. Sara, I do know how to spell your name! I promise, but all my other Sarah friends have "h"s at the end, so it is habit. my apologies.