Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Being a duck

Turns out moving never goes as planned. Everyone warns you of that, but if you are organized like I am, you naively expect to be able to prepare for any disaster.

But when it comes down to it, the moving truck is one size too small, the goodbyes are harder than expected, the drive is three hours longer than planned, the GPS keeps saying you're in Wichita, the A/C in the house doesn't work, the cable company doesn't set up your internet properly, the friends that came to help are gone too soon, the shower organizer won't stay hanging and keeps crashing to the floor with your shampoo, and the dog won't stop barking at the children playing outside on the sidewalk.

It could be- it IS- really easy to get discouraged, but I prefer to be a duck. It's some of my favorite advice from a good friend. When ducks get pelted in a rainstorm, they don't let it penetrate their feathers- they let that water just roll right off their backs.

I mean none of those problems are really catastrophic- they are all fixable- but it's so easy to get caught up and make mountains out of molehills. Really there's not a whole lot to do except focus on the good, thank God for the way He has provided for us, and learn from all the challenges.

For now I will enjoy my morning trips to Panera until the internet is repaired. I'll take a deep breath and begin organizing a new home, throwing away clutter and and trying new decorating styles (without blowing our savings at the much-too-conveniently-located IKEA). I will bond with my furry little friend in our new routine of walking to the park several times daily for potty breaks (him not me). I'll have fun exploring a new city the best way possible- running and training for my next half-marathon. I'll appreciate the relatively mild temperatures and evening walks with Dylan and the Mr. Ri Ri. I'll be adventurous as I look for a new job. I'll make phone calls and send cards for all the birthdays I am missing back home (love you Wes and MaryO!) I'll catch up on my photo editing and some long-planned but yet-to-be-completed projects. I'll set out on a photo safari and see try to see Baltimore through artistic eyes.

And I'll try to contain my excitement as I count down to all of the visitors we have coming in September and October. Make sure to sign up soon, slots are filling quickly. : )


  1. Enjoy the explorations of your new city (we look forward to the photo-journals of discovery), but remember that "home" is ultimately being in the the place where you are loved unconditionally, foremost (and eventually) in the arms of Jesus, but for now in the embrace of all the rest of us who love you, even if from afar! Dylan, give her a squeeze from each of us!

  2. Hey Karen. Not sure if you remember me--but we went to high school together and use to all hang out with Lindsey Blair! (think wayyyyy long ago...I know we are old now!) ;) Your blog is adorable and your photos absolutely stunning! I didn't know you went into the photography business! Hope life is treating you well! Drop by my blog sometime :)