Sunday, June 21, 2009


I'm really not very consistent with my birthday shout-outs or holiday messages on here. For instance, my mom did not get a Mother's Day post, but pops is getting this Father's Day post. And let's face it, he just lucked out because it's day four of my blog-every-day week.

He also gets bonus points because he subscribes to my blog and reads it regularly. He never leaves comments (hint hint), but he does call with his comments so I guess that's just as good.

Anyway, if you are my friend on Facebook you'll know of my recent struggle to find a good Father's Day card. I thought perhaps instead one of my famous poems was in order. Ahem:

Happy Father's Day, Dad, I think you are great,
Here are a few things about you that I celebrate.

I know no one better with a hammer, saw, and wood,
You trained me from infancy to be a Mac geek for good.

You make great french toast and you drink Coke a lot,
And each time you park you back into the spot.

Your new Burberry glasses are pretty sweet,
Since you opened a Rita's we get free ice to eat.

I'm tired of rhyming so that's all I will say,
So even though you're at work I hope you "Have an Ice Day!"

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