Monday, September 1, 2008

We are pretty fun

Three weeks ago we spent a fun-filled afternoon celebrating Lake Day '08. What? You haven't heard of Lake Day '08? Oh. Maybe it's only MY friends that do that- take your average afternoon and turn it into a small holiday, complete with an official name and year designation and often t-shirts.

With our good friend Courtney in town and two birthdays to celebrate, we went to Mary's almost-completed lake house for an afternoon of rice krispie treats, tubing, chex mix, skiing, sunshine, burgers, thunderstorms, and more rice krispie treats.

My favorite girls- seven of the nine:

Our excellent boat driver

Dylan and Ryan goofing off on the tube

Ryan, mid-barrel roll. (Just as soon as they add tubing to the X-Games...)

Dylan decided he'd had enough of tubing and bailed on Wes

Aren't Kira and Luke and their nephews so cute??

So there you have it. Love my friends- we always have a great time.

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