Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Dam Good Run

Me, spell something wrong or use bad language? I think not. But I can't help it because I really DID have a good run! This morning Wes, Sara and I did the Lake Murray Dam Run to Irmo (part of the annual Irmo Okra Strut- don't ask). 

I finished in 55:55, my best 10k time since 2004. That might not be super for some people but that was great for me! Besides the marathon I really haven't run any races recently, so it was fun to get out there.

The first two miles of the course are across the Lake Murray dam. It was a dreary morning, but still pretty to run with a lake view. Sara took off and had a great run herself, finishing four minutes before Wes and me.

Wes can now officially call himself a "runner"- this was his first event. He trained for a whopping one day (Thursday), but did great! He got his very own race number and finishers' medal. We are so proud of our little Wes.

This was right after the race with my handy point-and-shoot. My parents came out to watch us and my dad grabbed a couple action shots. If you're lucky, I'll post some.

And the rule is that you have to wear your medal for the rest of the day. I mean, really, you will never put it on again, so why not get as much use out of it as possible. 

After taking a nice nap, I've been working on editing photos all afternoon, so more posts are soon to come. Side note, hope the Gamecocks do well tonight. Wish it wasn't pay-per-view...


  1. look at all those Nike swoops! we are so professional.

  2. Swoops, swoosh- same thing.

    For real though, Nike should pay us.