Thursday, September 18, 2008

Meet the Kiawah Team

I think the best part about our pre-run photo shoot Wednesday night is the fact that a large running club meets at the same river we do. So the whole time Dylan took pictures while we tried to do a fun jumping pose in the parking lot and I laid on the ground to photograph Katherine's shoes, we had quite the audience. You kind of got the feeling as they stretched in their spandex and eyed us with slight disdain that they might have had their shoes tied a little too tight for their own good. Like, "Wow, clearly those girls are not serious runners. There is no fun in running. Hey, let me tie my shoes some more." 

Anyway, let me introduce you to Katherine, who begins every training run with the words, "I hate you" and ends it with, "Hey, you know I don't really hate you, right?" I like to call this picture I Am Too Hot For My New All-Black Running Clothes.

And this would be MaryO. This picture is titled Seriously Are You Really Taking My Picture Right Now.

On the left is our other friend Mary, the fourth member of the Kiawah team. She is way speedy and has done a half-marathon, a sprint triathlon, and several other runs. She's doing most of her training on her own cause she's out to compete. We're just in it to finish.

Anyway, Wednesdays have become interval/speed training days, which neither Katherine or MaryO like. But other than Katherine threatening to push me in the river a few times, I think it went well.

The true test will be this Saturday. We're running five miles, and since I am back in town there will be no room for Katherine to trick MaryO and say, "Hey, let's run one mile and then walk the other four- Karin won't be mad, I promise." Wish us luck.


  1. I was just happy to get an honorable mention with such an elite organization of runners! Keep up the hard work.

  2. Ah, yay! I'm so proud of yall!! Keep up the good work! And yall look HOT in your new running outfits. Kudos :-)