Friday, September 4, 2009

My buddy

We run together, he lays at my feet (and snores) while I edit photos, he follows me upstairs when I fold laundry, he alerts me of any and every pedestrian passing our front window, he defends me from all the squirrels in the park. He keeps me company all day while we wait for Dylan to come home.

If this face doesn't make your heart happy... well then maybe you just don't like dogs. But whatever.

True story: On our morning run today I noticed Riley was lagging behind a little. I was surprised that he could be tired already- we were only a few miles in. Turns out he was sightseeing. Every time I felt the leash pulling behind me I would look over my shoulder and Riley was craning his neck looking in all directions except straight ahead. All I had to say was, "Pay attention buddy" and he would snap back into reality and catch up. But this happened several times so perhaps I need to schedule to take him on some sort of bus tour.

I STILL haven't posted any shots of Baltimore, but if you look VERY CLOSELY at these images, you can see that we are in a park. And I can tell you that park is most definitely in Baltimore, just a block from our house. So there you have it.

I do most of the dog-walking while Dylan's at work, but every now and then we get to make it a family outing.

I've had Riley for four years now, as strange as he looks when he takes a nosedive into the grass and starts slithering like a snake around the park (I keep meaning to video it with my iPhone), he's MY little weirdo and I love him.


  1. ri ri.
    awesome pictures-especially the first and last one.

  2. Love that last picture! Dogs are the best.