Wednesday, September 9, 2009

City art

So one thing I've really noticed is that all over Baltimore, buildings are painted or covered in mosaic tiles or have some sort of artwork on them. It's kinda crazy and I like it. There are several bridges or buildings that I am trying to figure out how to photograph without being run over- I'll keep you posted.

We had friends in town this weekend so I took a bunch more pictures that I haven't processed yet, but here are a few I've been sitting on for the past few weeks.

Dylan and I have only lived two places, but we've got this tradition of taking a picture on our couch (or loveseat) in front of the house on move-in day. So here we are, dirty, tired, and drawing strange looks from the new neighbors while Katherine did the honors.

To answer your questions, no, we did NOT dress alike on purpose, and yes, our front door really IS that narrow.

And here's a quick shot I took while checking camera settings- Dylan's clearly not ready, but it shows you our house a little better (and the paper covering the window that still needed blinds- classy.)

And here are a few random art images from the city. Lots more to come!

Love the side of this building in the Federal Hill neighborhood

This sentiment may be up for debate, but it's something to think about

And here is my favorite. These benches are all over the city. Some are broken, some are graffitied- interpret that as you wish. I just really like them.

Happy Wednesday!

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