Saturday, November 15, 2008

State Cup champs!

So I know I blogged from Greenville, and then I never gave you the final results! Dylan got a great birthday present- his soccer team won their last tournament of the season, the South Carolina State Cup! The boys played some GREAT soccer and won the final match 2-0 against the number one team in their division. 

I am finally starting to feel more comfortable with soccer photography. While still not my strong point, I think these came out better than the last batch!

Check this out- here's a shot on goal in the finals...

... here's the ball soaring over the keeper's hands...

... and here is the post-goal celebration!

I love this of the boys running to celebrate with their families after the final whistle blew.

Congratulations to Dylan and his boys on the victory! Judging by the endless stream of congratulations and compliments Dylan received from team parents, opposing coaches, and complete strangers, I have a feeling that his super coaching skills had something to do with it.

For now, the team trophy is being proudly displayed on our mantle. No word on how long it will stay there.

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