Thursday, November 13, 2008

Someone's paws are looking a little red

It has happened again.

I received a phone call from Dylan this afternoon while I was at work.

"You won't believe who I just caught red-handed."

Well, Riley doesn't technically have hands, but I knew it was him.

Dylan walked out in the living room, and who did he find snoring away, curled up in a tight little ball AGAIN?!?! Oh yes, it was Mr. Ri Ri, snuggly as can be and sound asleep. In amazement Dylan said, "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!" Riley woke up all disoriented and confused and kind of fell off the Corda-Roy onto the floor. He gave Dylan this bewildered look like he really didn't seem to think there was any problem whatsoever.

For the love! How long has this been going on?? He isn't even trying to be sneaky- he thinks this is ok!

I've had a few friends say, "Aw, but he's so cute. Is it such a problem?" Really people, really? There are RULES. This is where it starts. Today it's the Corda-Roy... what will it be tomorrow, the kitchen counter? (Cause if so, I will DEFINITELY be posting a picture of that.)

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