Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Off the grid

I may have dropped off the grid there for a few days... my apologies. But I'm not really sorry cause it was a good kind of off the grid. That kind that involves no Baby Monsters, as much as the Monster's mommy might love him. Thank goodness for Monster grandparents.

I was busy prepping for and shooting an incredible wedding in Philadelphia (more on that soon), and then off galavanting throughout NYC with my partner in crime. Except I don't think we committed any crimes... maybe jaywalking... the point is hello, I'm back on the grid.

Enjoy a few of my fave Instagram snaps from The Big Apple.

(And if you're an Instagram user, follow me! : karinsc)

And my apologies to those that e-mailed while I was gone... totally forgot an out-of-office message, and I didn't have consistent internet. If you haven't gotten a response yet, you will shortly!


  1. way to represent the chi-town dyl! that panini/grilled slice of heaven looks amazing.

  2. So fun, glad you two got some time away together!